The Gift

My God is an Awesome God!

There is a God! And, yes, Virginia, He does exist and is most gracious!

One of my neighbors, Mr. D went hunting for pecans this morning, and in an alley in Lubbock, Texas, he found a gift wrapped box sitting next to a dumpster. He hesitated for a few minutes but loaded it into his truck along with his pile of pecans.

Once he returned home he discovered that the gift wrapped box contained brand new unopened gifts for children. Well, his children are all grown adults, and as Mr. D has a heart of gold (he reminds me so much of my father), he offered it for the two beautiful children that my daughter babysits, whose lives are in turmoil due to their parents bickering and playing their head games with each other.

What a God-send this is! Having spent most of my military allotment on my family, I was down to $1.00 in my bank account!  (Not to worry, though, as I have survived on 87 cents in my account, for God always provides!)  And I had so wanted to buy these lil guys something special, but simply could not afford it. Alas!

But God could….and He did! For God alone heard the cry of my heart and sent Mr. D on a most secret and carefully planned mission that only He could set up!

Thank You, Lord, for hearing the cries of Your people, no matter how small or weak those whispers can sometimes be….I praise You and I thank You, O, Lord, for providing these two children with something to celebrate You! I pray that You become real to their parents so their life changes and the two can grow up into healthy functioning adults! Heal their tender spirits and continue Your Divine watch over them and keep them safe.

I also thank the person(s) who set out these gifts to bless others less fortunate. I pray that You bless them a thousand-fold for their most kind and gracious deed. They are truly Followers of Christ and epitomize true Christian living. I praise You, Lord, for opening their hearts and for placing Mr. D in the right place at the right time. Continue to bless Mr. D and his family with good health, wealth, and continued growth in their walk with You, Oh, Lord. In Jesus’ Name I pray and I believe into fruition. Amen!

We Praise You and we Honor You Lord for taking care of even the smallest of children: “But Jesus called the children to Him and said, ‘Let the little children come to Me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.’” Luke 18:15-17

Yes! My God is an Awesome God!



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Retired, I sew, quilt, paint, refinish furniture, love to DIY, and surf the net.
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