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Sunday, November 20, 2011 at 11:14am

The “Conditioned Life” cannot grow beyond certain limits because it is imprisoned by world views and social conditioning. It is better to strive for an “Unconditioned Life” because it conserves energy. This energy is now available to us and can be used to access the noncognitive information of right brain, which reveals the unknown, and eventually, the unknowable.

The Person Living a Conditioned Life:

  1. Has fixed expectations as to what life should be.
  2. Anticipates and attempts to determine the future.
  3. Is trapped by defending their world view’s validity.
  4. Believes their life path is determined by social conditioning. They pretend to search for truth when in actuality they are searching for that which further reinforces their existing beliefs.
  5. Depends on predetermined causes and results.
  6. Has a fossilized consciousness that doesn’t flow. Rigid consciousness blocks energy.
  7. Takes a great deal of energy to sustain because it is based on illusion.
  8. Accesses reality through world views and social conditioning, so life is full of ruts and habits.

The Person Living an Un-conditioned Life:

  1. Accepts life moment by moment as it comes, without expectations.
  2. Allows the future to come to them, realizing that a planned future is a closed one.
  3. Accepts the validity of all paths.
  4. Realizes their life path is determined by working together with the Higher Self. God’s will becomes their will.
  5. Is spontaneous and innovative.
  6. Possesses a fluid consciousness that draws in energy by becoming new each moment.
  7. Doesn’t require much energy to sustain, therefore, people stay young and rejuvenated.
  8. Accesses reality through insights gained from experiences, so life reveals itself anew every moment.



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